Image Consulting Services

  Our Motto:  “The icing might look tasty, but will never be truly sweet unless the cake is made with the best ingredients; thus providing a solid foundation.”

You can have your own “extreme makeover”! From frumpy to fabulous! From geekette to goddess! From dud to stud! From boring to WOW!  With Annette’s expert guidance along with the assistance of her Image Partners, you will be transformed into the best that you can be!

Wardrobe Makeover and Closet Cleanse

Your personality and lifestyle should be conveyed by your wardrobe. What does your closet look like? Do you have clothing that you haven’t worn in years? How long does it take you to plan what you’re going to wear? You may have great pieces that have gotten “lost” or can be re-purposed. Has the weather in your area changed lately? Are you going through a “transition” in your life and need a new look? Annette will evaluate your current wardrobe, offer suggestions on what’s a keeper, what to toss and what can be “re-purposed”. You’ll get a fashion plan and “look book” to guide you each time you get dressed whether for work or play.

“Every person has screaming mistakes in their wardrobe which we try to ignore by pushing them into the back where they fester in hopes of getting worn “someday”. It’s never going to happen, free your guilt and get rid of them NOW!”

Ladies Image Makeovers – Before & After    |   Men’s Image Makeovers – Before & After

Great accessorized look!

Color Analysis:

cool-warm-colorsWhy are you attracted to some colors and turned off by others? Do you struggle with finding “matching” pieces or are you living in a “beige” world? When was the last time someone said, “That color looks great on you!”? Your mood can vary just by the colors you wear. Your “WOW” colors make your eyes twinkle, they compliment your skin tone and you feel more confident. Knowing your color profile makes it easier to shop. When you know which are “your” colors, you buy the right pieces and you’ll find that they go with many things you already have.

Your color profile includes; warm/cool analysis; personal color palette; hairstyle, hair color and makeup color how-to’s.

Body Shape Evaluation:

What’s your body shape? Tall or short? Curvy or slim? Pear, apple, banana or hour glass? Clothes are made to a standard, but people are not standardized! We come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. What looks great on a model or on someone else will look different on you. We will help you identify your body type, enhance your best features and hide others, all to give you a new fabulous look!


Men's LookThe right accessories can enhance your look, but just as easily, the wrong accessories can ruin it. Get creative with your accessories: add jewelry, a watch, a scarf, a fabulous handbag. Even your briefcase makes a difference. Eye glasses are an accessory and the right ones can change your look dramatically. (See Scott’s example.)

Individual Corporate Image Consultation:

Annette will show you how to put your best image forward…to set you apart from your competition.

Corporate Employee Brand Specialist:

Annette will review your employees’ image and assist in creating the corporate brand the corporation would like their employees to convey.

Classes, Workshops & Event Speaker

Annette is available for corporate speaking, training, classes, team building and/or workshops.

Your Needs Come First!

It is our belief that your needs are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting those needs. We have numerous Image Resources; all of your needs and goals are discussed, addressed and completed to the utmost satisfaction. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service in the industry.


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Personal & Corporate Image Consultant